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We have been working internationally in 2023 and creating something very exciting! Stay up to date with all we are creating here and on our social media platforms.

After huge success I will be painting a series around Australian natives. From the thousands on Tiktok that have fallen in love with the last masterpiece, it is only right I expand the series. Limited Prints plus the Originals will be available exclusively through Robertsonkur Studio.

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The Heart of the Studio

Bespoke art

"When I'm not painting the collection I am working on something even more special, creating artowrk in any size that fits a space to an exact measurement. I love to create artworks that are specifically designed for the individual, fused with the style of Robertsonkur.

Each commission is centred on florals, ranging from the iconic Peony or the the vast range of Australian natives. I always want to convey deep emotion through subdued colour and deft handling of heavy layers of paint.

I want each artwork to surpass the simple form of a still life floral work and bring them into a new modern from. Resulting in a seductive texture that make you want to reach out and touch the surface." Creative Director Kurt Robertson

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