A celebration of the Peony flower and the divine pursuit for bringing love and compassion to others, join Artist Kurt Robertson in his first solo exhibition.  The Peony Garden Collection is currently under the brush strokes, stay updated via social media and our newsletter for this exciting release. 

Since 2017 Kurt Robertson has been exploring his artistic style, through self discovery he has found peace and balance in the flower. His first artwork was commissioned for a client in the blue mountains of Australia and became the birthplace for the Peony. His unique style in presenting the flower in a new light was admired by others, quickly becoming known for the signature drips of a melting flower. 

"I always want to convey deep emotion through subdued colour and deft handling of heavy layers of paint. I want each artwork to surpass the simple form of a still life floral and bring them into a new modern form. Resulting in a seductive texture that make you want to reach out and touch the surface." Creative Director Kurt Robertson

The Collection will be Curated by Kurt Robertson in Sydney Australia, along with supporting partners. 

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