With the peony flower at the heart of the House spirit, we believe that beauty is more than something to be seen- it should be felt.

Crafting our first home scented candle started with the peony. This unmistakable fragrance provides an impressionistic stroll through a field in full bloom. Offering shades of peach nectar and rose, 'Compassion' comes to life. It instantly symbolises the house spirit, showcasing its beauty.
Handmade in Australia, each candle demonstrates a fine balance of high-quality wax and fragrance poured by artisans skilled in the craft of candle making. 


A natural blend of soy was and peony oils provides notes that help heal and relax the mind. They give you a chance to stop your busy lives and take a moment for yourself.  

Featuring the Peony flower enables a new balance of was and oils that can only be achieved with its beauty and power, formulated with naturally derived ingredients.

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